Bachelor of Design (B.Des)

"The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, sympathize, empathize, synthesize and glean insights that enable him or her to 'make the invisible visible."
Hillman Curtis

Whatever we see in today's world, everything that has as an aesthetic value attached to it, is an outcome of precision and design. The field of art and design is expected to grow multifold in the years to come. It is the utmost desire of most of the students to be able to have the opportunity to avail the best possible education and a fulfilling career that is not only mentally stimulating but also financially viable.

Gurukul School of Design at Jaipur began its academic operations in 2018. It's four year course is very comprehensive in nature and sets it apart from the other designing institutes. The Course at GSD will signify a student's in depth study in design, well-being, management and marketing. Additionally all graduates will receive a certificate in their areas of specialization as an official acknowledgement of their four years of learning and training at GSD.

GSD’s Design 360° program is a full- time four year course which teaches the students the latest trends and technologies that are incorporated at various levels of the designing process. Students are not only provided theory knowledge but are also engaged in the classroom through regular workshops, exhibitions of their own work, seminars, fashion shows etc.

GSD’s Design 360° program and the specializations like fashion, textile, visual communication and lifestyle product design are some of the innovative platforms for pursuing a holistic design learning. Unlike FASHION DESIGNING, where our students get to specialise in multiple fields under it TEXTILE DESIGNING solely focuses on patterns and structures. Textile designing caters to creating woven, printed or knitted patterns for clothes or home decor, whereas fashion designing focuses more on creating clothes, accessories and lifestyle. They are closely related to each other, yet so different. In LIFESTYLE PRODUCT DESIGNING they will study different dynamics that influence the lifestyles of customers from various sections of society. They will understand the creative process that combines the visual arts and technology to communicate ideas in VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN.

As an integral part of Design 360° program, our aspirants will be able to perform qualitative and quantitative research into fashion trends and the lives and behaviour of the customers. This course combines creative and technical design skills with an in-depth knowledge of marketing and business for the fashion industry. The student will leave GSD with multiple valuable accomplishments that will validate their journey towards a better understanding of the world of design. The Course will enhance the creative skills of the students along with the development of business acumen in him. He will grasp all the marketing and management skills to built his own brand. Graduation Course of GSD plays a pivotal role in developing the minds of its design students for the use of these skills and make them understand that entrepreneurship is not only about creating their brand but also how to be successful, innovative and forward thinking as a contributor of the fashion industry.