Design Process | Inspirations Comes Through Exploration


Find yourself stuck in a design rut? Take a deep breath, relax and don’t worry because your next inspiration may be nearby — just take a look around. From the furniture that surrounds you to the skylines of the city you’re living in, there’s really no end to where your next inspiration could come from. What matters most is your perspective in how you view, analyse and explore the world. Here’s what to do when you find yourself stuck the next time around. Read on to learn how you can turn mundane objects and repetitive sights into your next creative fuel.

Tips For Success | The Art of Being Independent


Everyone starts off in life being dependent on his or her parents or families. It is through time as we transition into adulthood where we will learn and acquire the skills needed to shift from being dependent to independent. That being said, the ability to be completely independent is not a quality that everyone possesses. But for those hoping for any success, independence is a principle that must be mastered.

Career Choices | Prospects for GSD Graduates


It’s true what they say, there’s no place quite like the fashion and design industry. As a seamless landscape where art and technology meets innovation and business, designers have the power to shape and help better the way in which we all live our lives. That said, there has never been a time better than now to pursue fashion or design courses as prospective students and graduates are truly set up for success from the onset. If you didn’t know already, here are nine unexpected career options that graduates with a degree in fashion or design can consider.

Essential Qualities of a Fashion Entrepreneur


Finding success is every person’s dream and especially for entrepreneurs, there really isn’t any better form of gratification than crafting your own success from scratch. However, the reality is: creating, running and growing a business is hardly an easy day’s work — along with long hours and endless obstacles to overcome, the path to making it often comes with many sacrifices and tough decisions.

Who Can Pursue a Fashion Design Courses?


Over the last decade or so, fashion design has steadily become the number one, most sought-after course in higher education across the globe. One of the major benefits of choosing fashion design as a career path is that it paves way for numerous job opportunities — offering any aspiring fashion hopefuls a slice from the 3 trillion dollar pie that makes up the global fashion economy.

10 Ways to Improve Personal Wellbeing



As Jane E. Brody once wrote in the New York Times: ‘stress is impossible to avoid, but possible to conquer’. Save this helpful list to help you improve your health and wellbeing whenever you’re next feeling overwhelmed.

Guide to Choosing the Right Design College



Over the past two decades, fashion design has become one of the most sought-after courses in higher education. A quick Google search shows hundreds of design schools across the globe but the question remains… how do you pick the right fashion design school for yourself? Listed below is a ten-point checklist you should read before making your big decision.

Career Choices: Fashion Stylist or Fashion Designer



Fashion is an ever-evolving industry with many career paths and choices to choose from. Out of the many, becoming a fashion stylist or a fashion designer remains as the top picks for most fashion-hopefuls. And though the two jobs are often confused to be relatively similar, it really couldn’t be more different.

Focus on Holistic Wellbeing to be a Successful Designer



While the idea that a person’s wellbeing playing a critical role in the realm of design is not new, design experts have increasingly encouraged young designers to better understand the relationship between nature, human biology and the environment. The main reason being that the true essence of a designer is made up of one-part visual art, one-part business, one-part marketing and one-part psychology. The latter however, is more commonly overlooked by the vast majority especially in our increasingly urbanised world.

What Young Designers Must Know About Sustainable Fashion



Amidst our current shiny new era of hyper capitalism, green is slowly emerging as the new black. Sustainable fashion and sustainable issues in fashion are finally gaining traction across the board with it becoming an integral part of dialogue in the industry.

How to Think Outside the Box While Designing



As creatives, we're constantly asked to 'think outside the box' but have you ever stopped to wonder the 'what', 'where' and 'how' of the phrase? 

Design Process: 6 Essential Tips to Master the Art of Time Management



People often say that there isn't enough time in a day to do everything they need and though that may be true in some ways, let's not forget that the key to any success lies in two magical words: time management.

Quick Guide on Time Management



Worried about time management? Fret not for we have a few easy tips that can help you streamline your work and move forward with confidence towards success and peak productivity.

Time Management is the key to success



Time is all we have and it is a limited resource. As an individual, be it for your studies or your work, streamlining tasks and making the most of time is the only way to inch closer to your goals. As students taking your first flight into the profession world, the key task is to equip yourself with time management skills. We have 24 hours in a day and what you do with that time directly impacts your productivity and your goals in the long run.

Let’s Go Back to Gurukul!



The Gurukul School of Design marks a deliberate and premeditated shift from any other design school in India. Soaked in tradition, the GSD curriculum has been cleverly structured to equip the students with the complete skill set required to create visionaries and future entrepreneurs. Unlike most design institutes that rely heavily on a western template, GSD’s program comprises a module on Gurukul Well-Being that will help the students strike a balance between their professional and personal goals and aspirations.

To be or not to be in design!



Yes, it is true that you don't have to be an artist to join a design school. However, it is necessary to fully gauge and ascertain the possible career paths that you can opt for if you do make a conscious decision to take admission in a design school.

In the ‘eye’ of the storm.



Are you confused about what degree to pursue post class 12? With college admission procedures on in full swing, we are pretty sure that you are losing your mind over which stream to pursue! With societal norms silently dictating the choice of course and your personal interests swaying towards the opposite direction probably, you are more often than not left in a perpetual dilemma. Sounds identifiable, right? Fret not! If you are good at communication, writing, sketching, or may be have a knack for something unique, we have something really interesting up our sleeve that may totally define and shape your future career!

Gadgets For Fashion



Importance of electronic gadgets, as tools in the world of design, is unquestionably the most innovative frontier since the invention of the fax machine. The speed with which one can actually transform an idea into reality as multiplied over 10,000 times in this very decade, the way fashion brands unveil their collections too has gone through a major transformation.

Times are changing



The important decision of choosing the right education should never be under any influence or followed blindly. Today’s decision is what will define your future. The way the world is changing with each passing day, the method of teaching design too needs to evolve. To guarantee success & fulfill the burgeoning demand of new talent in the Fashion industry, education must evolve from semester to semester, to supplement students with new techniques, market behavior and help them understand how to run their own businesses or work with an established brand, once out of design school.