Frequently asked questions
It’s a 4 year program.
Sitapura Institutional Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan.
The course fee is INR 5.4 Lakh per annum (excluding taxes). This fee needs to be paid in full before the onset of the session. There is a one time Registration Fee (non-refundable) and one time Security Deposit (refundable subject to clearance off all dues).
Very limited scholarships are available for outstanding talented students, there will be provisions made to help them pay their way through the education passage.
Once you are accepted by the admission committee, immediately after that you can apply for a scholarship. The collaborations with industry partners are going to be an important part in the third year, by then we also would like to have a larger scholarship fund.
This will depend purely on the individual’s requirement and a certain percentage of the total fee will be recalibrated as a scholarship
The application form can be availed at a fee of Rs. 3500

How do I apply?
Log on to our website , fill in the application form and submit the same. You will be notified via an e-mail about the receipt of the form, post which you would receive details of an exam that you can take at home and send it to us for a review. Based on the assessment of the home exam, you would be invited for a personal interview. You will be notified via an email about your selection.
Each batch has limited seats,making it more student centric.
The first session GSD commenced its academic oprations in August 2018.
The course will intend you to be an interview in your skills to set up your own business and brand. There will be many opportunities also provided to the graduating class one of which is to work with the Raghavendra Rathore Atelier for one year under a special contract.
Yes a very strong focus will be provided to bring the best in the business to source talent from the school campus.
The other faculty will be available for students to meet when they visit the campus and the students will be encouraged to interact with them.
The boarding facilities will be suggested by the school in the city of Jaipur, the on-campus hostel will be constructed in phase 2 .

a. Is the hostel facilities included in the fees?
The hostel fee will be separate and is not included in the fee listed structure.

b. Do you provide assistance in helping students find hostel close to the campus?
Yes we have identified various locations in the city of Jaipur which will be strongly recommended to incoming students.
The curriculum is a meticulously well planned holistic collection of courses which will be emphasizing the design, merchandising, marketing and the Gurukul methodology. More information on the same is available on the website.
The idea and the aim of GSD is to create visionaries with the complete skill set versus graduates who need to work for visionaries.
The minimum attendance requirement for appearing for End-Term Examinations (ETE-Theory and Jury) for all GSD students is 75% (total attendance percentage by the end of the term). Students falling short of attendance will be barred from appearing for ETE of the current term.