Design a Social Media Graphic/ illustration for Brand Raghavendra Rathore, Jodhpur that depicts a true ‘Rathore Man’ wearing a classic ensemble from the atelier..

The theme is ‘When Rathore Men look dapper..’

Use your quirk & creativity and choose to show the Rathore Man against any destination as a background, like the African Safari or in Paris or Rome or anywhere closer home…

• Best Graphic gets to become a social media asset for Brand Raghavendra Rathore & you get tagged!
• Submit the graphics by 6pm on 24th Feb 2019
• Use only JPEG, PNG or PDF Format & keep the file no more than 5 mb. Don’t use compressed / self-extracting formats.
• Be original, don’t plagiarise & don’t use any copyright material
• Submit your work at & we will share the results on an email

For any queries call us at : +91 8826852555