Who Can Pursue a Fashion Design Courses?



Over the last decade or so, fashion design has steadily become the number one, most sought-after course in higher education across the globe. One of the major benefits of choosing fashion design as a career path is that it paves way for numerous job opportunities — offering any aspiring fashion hopefuls a slice from the 3 trillion dollar pie that makes up the global fashion economy.

So, who can pursue a fashion design course? Well it can be anyone and we mean anyone as long as you have a keen interest in fashion and design. You’d have to be living and breathing fashion 24/7 because passion is the essential ingredient to finding success especially in this industry.


What is fashion design? In short, fashion design is all about the art of creating and designing various textiles including clothes, accessories, footwear and others. Fashion designers shouldn't be confused with fashion stylists as unlike the role of a stylist, they are responsible for creating trends and clothes that are then used as a form of cultural expression and personal identity.


When is the best time to study fashion? This is all dependent on various personal factors but we’d have to say that there is no better time than now! Chances are, if you’re reading this article then pursuing fashion design would’ve crossed your mind at some point and hey, why not now?


Where is the best place to study fashion design? With so many fashion design schools to choose from we know that this is one of the trickiest decisions but fear not because we’ve made the perfect guide to choosing the right design college. Hot tip: according to the Global Apparel Market Statistics, India emerged with the fastest growing fashion industry with an estimated annual growth rate of 8.7%. If you ask us, we’d say to go with where’s hot so look for the best fashion design colleges in India — you didn't hear it from us.


Why pursue a fashion design course? Subjects learned at a fashion design course ranges from technical classes like pattern development, pattern cutting and fashion drawing to business-centred classes like fashion management, fashion promotion and fashion buying amongst others. In other words, pursuing a fashion design course will offer multi-faceted transferrable skills that will be beneficial to you no matter your future career path.


Excited of the prospects? Roll up your sleeves and show this industry what you are made of!

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