Tips For Success | The Art of Being Independent



Everyone starts off in life being dependent on his or her parents or families. It is through time as we transition into adulthood where we will learn and acquire the skills needed to shift from being dependent to independent. That being said, the ability to be completely independent is not a quality that everyone possesses. But for those hoping for any success, independence is a principle that must be mastered.


In a nutshell: complete independence comes when you are socially, physically, emotionally, financially and intellectually self-reliant. And yes, maintaining that independence can be difficult especially in an increasingly fast-paced of life but as studies show, it is worth the effort. Just look at all the CEOs of today!


To become more self-sustaining in every aspect, all you have to do is implement small but impactful changes in your daily life. Starting with transforming how you view certain situations like attending formal events, going to the cinema or dining out by yourself. At first, these social outings will seem daunting to attend to alone but after the first time, as with most things, it will simply become normal. The lesson to learn here is to not be afraid of understanding and exploring your own presence in social situations. Acquiring the ability to be comfortable by yourself and learning how to carry yourself in public situations can speak volumes in terms of projecting confidence.


Next small change to employ is to start deciding for yourself without seeking or consulting the opinions of others. It’s important to know that repetition can be a form of conditioning so when you constantly ask others for their opinion, know that it will ultimately condition (if it hasn’t already) yourself to be influenced and dependent upon others. Detaching from relying on others for help would mean that you would have to learn to problem-solve, expand the way you think and ultimately, become more responsible for your own actions.


Money-wise, the best thing you can do in order to become financially independent quickly and effectively is to be honest with your own spending habits. Eliminate what you know is extra and unnecessary. Be honest in differentiating a want from a need because it all adds up in the end! And the same goes when it comes to your own mental and emotional well-being: be open and honest with yourself. More importantly, support and treat yourself as you would to others. At the end of the day, you’ll only have yourself to fall back on.

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