Times are changing



The important decision of choosing the right education should never be under any influence or followed blindly. Today’s decision is what will define your future. The way the world is changing with each passing day, the method of teaching design too needs to evolve. To guarantee success & fulfill the burgeoning demand of new talent in the Fashion industry, education must evolve from semester to semester, to supplement students with new techniques, market behavior and help them understand how to run their own businesses or work with an established brand, once out of design school.


Most design schools follow a very rigid design program which has been designed almost 2 decades ago. Also, the large size of students in a class gives less credence to the quality of what is being taught. These two elements single-handedly constitute the low caliber and poor portfolios after undergoing 3 or 4 years of design education. The galaxy of a holistic fashion education must evolve with inputs from industry experts & students and the size of a teaching class must be kept to a logical size. Individual sessions with faculty to further understand any doubts must be an integral part of the program.


This said The Gurukul School of Design curriculum has been designed keeping these pitfalls in mind. It combines, fashion, communication, designing textile with the most important pillar of the course being the management and business of fashion all under one program.

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Times are changing