Growth Trends: Fashion and Design Industry



2018 was the year that saw many new initiatives and innovations throughout the creative sector. Particularly in fashion and design, the introductory of new tech was at the forefront of transforming the pace of the industry. From AI predicting style trends to VR redefining retail experiences, the creative sector is steadily becoming one of the most forward-looking industries besides tech. That said, here are some upcoming growth trends and predictions that are likely to dominate the brand new year ahead:


Utility in design |


Functional clothing is expected to make waves in 2019 as consumers look towards functional and more comfortable designs. Trainers and sneakers have already dominated the fashion sphere of 2018 but the new year is expected to see even more functional designs. Expect to see a resurgence of cargo pants especially in the upcoming Spring/Summer season!


Even more sustainable initiatives |


The average consumers were more environmentally and ethically conscious last year thanks to eye-opening campaigns that raised awareness on the true cost of fashion. This year, sustainability will become a fully-fledged essential conscience amongst shoppers and brands alike. This means that fashion and design as a whole, will morph to encompass and consider both political and social stances.


Omnichannel retail |

As fashion tech grows in importance, more brands will utilise mobile technology to help drive conversion rates in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Brands will be expected to create content that helps in building relationships between consumers as well as maintaining a steady interaction to create a leaner, more streamlined business.


Designing with big data |


Key players in the industry will now switch to designing with big data in mind. A McKinsey report has found that savvy retailers who integrate data in the production and designing process has the potential to reduce having a surplus of clothing while also increasing operating margins by more than 60 percent.


Indian accents on the global platform |


The new-age use and integration of traditional crafts in contemporary fashion brands has increased its popularity amongst consumers with many luxury fashion houses now coming to India to source crafts and textiles. 2019 is expected to be a major year of unprecedented growth for Indian styles and design.


Slow fashion movement |


It’s the dawn of a new era and the slow fashion movement are slowly erasing the fast-fashion mentality. Consumers in 2019 will steadily embrace the growing slow fashion movement that focuses on sustainability, transparency, and other ethical issues — ultimately moving away from fast-fashion ‘seasons’.

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