5 Crazy Design Innovations in 2018



From the viral introductory of a new ‘fidget’ category of playthings, to pizzas that ordered themselves and to the resurgence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning across all sectors… 2018 has been a year filled with a whirlwind of the latest tech and gadgets. But out of the countless cool launches, these five designs caught our eye for its innovative ways:


1.    Rollova and measure


Launched in early May this year, Rollova is the world’s first compact digital measuring rolling ruler that can accurately measure a variety of surfaces — from flat to curved with no hassle whatsoever. Since its launch, Rollova has disrupted the conventional measuring instrument industry and has won numerous praise from users for its extreme precision, accuracy and versatility… measuring bodies to walls and everything else in between.


2.    A mirror that guides your fitness regime


Imagine a mirror that’s also a screen. Now imagine it again with a virtual personal trainer and there you have it, the Mirror; a full-length wall-mounted display that is both a screen and an interactive fitness coach that offers live classes, personalised coaching and real-time feedback from trainers. If you ask us, the Mirror really is the ultimate at-home gym personalised to the T.


3.     Sustainable diamonds forged in plasma


Though lab-grown diamonds are not a new thing, diamonds forged in plasma are very much so. The revolutionary use of plasma to construct diamonds not only creates them in a fraction of time and energy in comparison to other methods (mining included), diamonds forged in plasma also masterfully eliminates all environmental and social impacts. The company also recently made headlines for creating the world’s first all-diamond ring to successfully raise $461,250 for the charity RED.


4.     Private spaces for co-working offices


Co-sharing and open plan working spaces saw a huge rise in popularity across the globe this year. While many major cities welcomed the openings of new co-working offices, researchers found that co-working spaces were decreasing productivity and increasing sickness amongst workers. As a response, one company has turned to the old idea of a phone booth and reinvented it to create a small, private workspace that meets every need — giving a modern new lease of life to an old invention.


5.     A toolbox that defies gravity


Created by an Air Force weapons mechanic, this gravity-defying toolbox is an age-old answer that beats all the other ‘non-slip’ inventions that has ever seen the light of day. It features a high-friction surface that allows for secure grip that holds up to a 70-degree angle without the help of any magnets. It’s efficient, safe, flexible, durable and truly a terrific design that’s perfectly executed!

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