Design Process | Inspirations Comes Through Exploration



Find yourself stuck in a design rut? Take a deep breath, relax and don’t worry because your next inspiration may be nearby — just take a look around. From the furniture that surrounds you to the skylines of the city you’re living in, there’s really no end to where your next inspiration could come from. What matters most is your perspective in how you view, analyse and explore the world. Here’s what to do when you find yourself stuck the next time around. Read on to learn how you can turn mundane objects and repetitive sights into your next creative fuel.


  • Seeing is believing but feeling is inspiring. Textiles have historically been one of the greatest and biggest inspirations for designers of all kind. Utilise your sense of touch and feel the rich textures in mundane, everyday objects in your environment. Why not have sensory play sessions that will guarantee a few hours of fun and endless possibilities?


  • Look at your city’s architecture and interior through the eyes of your camera lens. Think you’ve seen it all in your neighbourhood? Think again. Play around with the camera on your phone. Photograph the world using different framings and perspectives. Set yourself simple and creative tasks like photographing only blue objects for the entire day. Or play around with lighting and shadows. Trust me, you’ll begin to see your city in a whole new light — no pun intended!


  • Explore the art scene by watching an independent art film. The art cinema is constantly exploding with talent and filled a variety of aesthetics that cater to almost every niche that exists. Step outside of your comfort zone and watch a film on a subject that you don’t know much about. Watch, learn and absorb the prismatic ways in which it captivates its audience. Sometimes, you just have to be inspired before you can get inspired.


  • If all else fails, look to mother nature for inspiration. The natural world is all around us and even if we live in urban communities you can always go to a nearby park or garden to be in touch with nature. Have an open mind and allow yourself to be fascinated by mother nature and aim for artistic introspection. Sketch anything and everything that catches your eye. There are thousands, if not millions of gorgeous things that nature has created. It’s all simply hidden in plain sight.

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