10 Ways to Improve Personal Wellbeing



As Jane E. Brody once wrote in the New York Times: ‘stress is impossible to avoid, but possible to conquer’. Save this helpful list to help you improve your health and wellbeing whenever you’re next feeling overwhelmed.


Unplug and Unwind


Living in this 21st century means that we’re constantly getting bombarded with information. Receiving constant information means that our brain is working tirelessly to store and understand those data. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress, try unplugging from all your electronics and going for a brisk walk.


Take Up Meditating


Find a suitable time, a quiet place and learn to connect with yourself on a spiritual level. Mediations have been known to greatly reduce anxiety, control stress levels and improve overall capacity for relaxation.


Connect with Others


Talk to the people around you and develop those relationships. Studies have shown that having a strong support system will keep you happier and healthier.


Be More Active


Mix up your exercises and challenge yourself to do more physical activity. When you exercise, your body releases a chemical in your brain called endorphins and they help trigger positive feelings!


Live in the Now


Don’t dwell in the past and learn to let things go. Avoid creating scenarios and holding conversations in your mind.


Adopt a Routine


Create healthy habits like having a regular sleeping and eating schedule and stick to it. Having a solid daily routine helps control stress levels, increases productivity and of course, improves overall mood.


Get a New Hobby


Hobbies can help us cope with stress and encourages new social connections. Creative hobbies like fashion design may even inspire new goals — you might even be Googling ‘where is the best fashion design school’ before you know it.


Be More Giving


Learn to be kind to yourself and to others around you. It is what they say; helping others is helping yourself in more ways than we know.


Keep a Journal


Writing down your thoughts and emotions will help you better understand and process your experiences.


Surround Yourself with Positivity


Need I say more? Positivity attracts positivity!

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