"The students will have the ability to self-govern through the Gurukul way and also add value to the social fabric of society."

Gurukul Concept

A Gurukul is a place where people find commonality in vision, lifestyle, follow the same discipline, and live in accordance to a Guru or teacher. In modern education systems, the intellect is fed with information which in turn is crammed, stimulating only one aspect of our personalities. Meanwhile in a Gurukul, education is not merely filling one’s mind with information, but experiencing what one learns and balancing it with one’s inner personality, hence living out the environment that becomes us. At GSD, the concept of ancient Gurukul is adapted for the modern times, wherein the attempt for students is not only to see with their minds but with their hearts, the center of true creativity and where perception happens through intuition and not just through the senses. Hence, GSD is a place where one can evolve beyond just traditional educational ideas, by being open and receptive to everything in the creative space. Eventually when this validation is felt, it will carry through into the workforce and set the stepping stones for the future.

GSD will initiate a new methodology of education where the rich crafts from the East will be fused into a modern curriculum, that will respect up-to-the-minute technology and ancient traditions at the same time.

What the students will learn over program duration, will be much more than just fashion. Presently, the syllabus is designed principally for “Fashion Design”, but the knowledge of design will be clubbed with the understanding of public relations, marketing and management of the business and how to build a brand. In the first year, student will embark on creating a strong foundation for themselves, there-on, they will take up a special mandate to understand the other areas that are crucial for a designer to flourish. Importantly the Gurukul concept will highlight the ability of self-control by imposing checks and balances, disciplining oneself for life.

Understanding the importance of posture, breathing correctly through yoga and thoughtful nutrition, one will have the ability to self-govern under a good value system and aim to become an asset to society. Field trips to various relics from the past, palaces, forts, and museums will help them understand how things were designed and marketed when there were no communication tools. How people worked under limitations and what kind of approach did people take to design and market their ideas. Thus, the GSD concept thrives on the mandate of a complete education.