Shikha Singh

Shikha Singh is an Interior Designer and has been an academician in the design field since the last 17 years. Her passion lies in research and she works on curriculum development for foundation studies in design education. She believes that students must be nurtured holistically and must be taught to think critically, creatively as well as spiritually, while persuing their career in design.

Aditya Chari

Aditya Chari, from India is an academician & has been associated with Bollywood while he did costume concepts for movies like Bahubali, Rang-Rasiya etc. His calling in life is to be a perfect man, a perfect artist and he draws his inspiration from nature. His dream is to mentor his students to be top-notch artists, become the best version of themselves and out-beat him with their creativity.

Jennifer Oechsner

Jennifer Oechsner, from the United States, brings with her a broad range of experience. Prior to joining the team at GSD she ran her own health and wellness business (Warrior-Flow) teaching yoga, martial arts, fitness and healthy nutrition. Jennifer also spent time working in the political field in the areas of communications and public relations. She taught English in Japan, worked in hospitality in Ireland and has traveled extensively throughout Asia and Europe. Jennifer believes in a holistic approach to life and that in order to be our best selves we must nurture the mind and body. Jennifer also believes we are all capable of so much, sometimes more than we think we are. She has a deep passion for inspiring people to follow their dreams and be their best self. She tends to choose the road less traveled, and finds great joy and inspiration in her travels around the world. She has a thirst for adventure and physically challenging herself. Jennifer encourages her students to also step out of their comfort zone as a means for continued growth and development.

Karolina Piech

Karolina Piech, from Poland was trained as a Fashion Designer in Europe and has worked within the industry. Visuals inspire her creativity and as a designer she eats the world with her eyes. She believes that all creative people are on a journey of self-discovery & every single day comes with a reason. She uses every opportunity to observe and anyone who expresses themselves through any form of creative work, whether photographs, or music or art, are close to her heart.

Rey Pador

Rey Pador, from Germany is a Fashion Designer & Pattern Maker. He draws his motivation in art and design based on people and the evolutions of things. His travel holds a deep impact on his thinking and his little creative journal has been his companion to all these destinations. The colours, vibrancy, history and happy spirit of India touches his heart every moment and makes him appreciate what we can achieve every minute.