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10 Ways to Improve Personal Wellbeing

As Jane E. Brody once wrote in the New York Times: ‘stress is impossible to avoid, but possible to conquer’. Save this helpful list to help you improve your health and wellbeing whenever you’re next feeling overwhelmed.

Guide to Choosing the Right Design College

Over the past two decades, fashion design has become one of the most sought-after courses in higher education. A quick Google search shows hundreds of design schools across the globe but the question remains… how do you pick the right fashion design school for yourself? Listed below is a ten-point checklist you should read before making your big decision.

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Career Choices: Fashion Stylist or Fashion Designer

Fashion is an ever-evolving industry with many career paths and choices to choose from. Out of the many, becoming a fashion stylist or a fashion designer remains as the top picks for most fashion-hopefuls. And though the two jobs are often confused to be relatively similar, it really couldn’t be more different.

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Focus on Holistic Wellbeing to be a Successful Designer

While the idea that a person’s wellbeing playing a critical role in the realm of design is not new, design experts have increasingly encouraged young designers to better understand the relationship between nature, human biology and the environment. The main reason being that the true essence of a designer is made up of one-part visual art, one-part business, one-part marketing and one-part psychology. The latter however, is more commonly overlooked by the vast majority especially in our increasingly urbanised world.

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