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Let’s Go Back to Gurukul!

The Gurukul School of Design marks a deliberate and premeditated shift from any other design school in India. Soaked in tradition, the GSD curriculum has been cleverly structured to equip the students with the complete skill set required to create visionaries and future entrepreneurs. Unlike most design institutes that rely heavily on a western template, GSD’s program comprises a module on Gurukul Well-Being that will help the students strike a balance between their professional and personal goals and aspirations .

Times are changing

The important decision of choosing the right education should never be under any influence or followed blindly. Today’s decision is what will define your future. The way world is changing with each passing day, the method of teaching design too needs to evolve. To guarantee success & fulfill the burgeoning demand of new talent in Fashion industry, education must evolve from semester to semester, to supplement students with new techniques, market behavior and help them understand how to run their own businesses or work with an established brand, once out of design school.