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Using Design Thinking as a Business Strategy

'Design thinking' is a user-centred design philosophy based on building empathy, innovation, experimentation and teamwork in the search for new innovation. This concept is made famous by the likes of Standford University's back in the mid-1950s. At the core of it, 'design thinkers' focus on exploring the possibilities of things. While the application of it encourages innovation during the production process, the design thinking model helps to transform and revamp the organisational structure.

International Fashion: 6 Runway Trends from Milan

The men's fashion weeks have just wrapped up in all the major cities. While designers from London to Paris showcased their burgeoning list of trends on the runways, Milan's sleek menswear styles gave us all a healthy dose of Italian sartorial flair once again. When it comes to what's trending, here is everything you need to know for AW19.

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Growth Trends: Fashion and Design Industry

2018 was the year that saw many new initiatives and innovations throughout the creative sector. Particularly in fashion and design, the introductory of new tech was at the forefront of transforming the pace of the industry. From AI predicting style trends to VR redefining retail experiences, the creative sector is steadily becoming one of the most forward-looking industries besides tech. That said, here are some upcoming growth trends and predictions that are likely to dominate the brand new year ahead:

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Innovative Ways of Teaching Design

One overriding challenge the education sector constantly faces is to find ways to stimulate growth and encourage innovation among its students. Particularly for fashion and design schools, this means moving away from the current classroom model to newer, more interesting ways of learning.

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5 Crazy Design Innovations in 2018

From the viral introductory of a new ‘fidget’ category of playthings, to pizzas that ordered themselves and to the resurgence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning across all sectors… 2018 has been a year filled with a whirlwind of the latest tech and gadgets. But out of the countless cool launches, these five designs caught our eye for its innovative ways:

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